智能家居 英文是什么?(6大核心版本)

智能家居 英文



  • honeywell intelligent home solution
  • smart home
  • 例句与用法
  • That is why smart house come out
  • Realication of smart home networks based on embedded system
  • So researches on intelligent home network have important signification
  • An intelligent home control design based on power line carrier communication
  • Design of the wireless transceiver for embedded intelligent residential gateway
  • Today , the research on digital community and intelligent home is more and more favored
  • Design and implementation of intelligent house control systems based on speaker - identification
  • Design of front end controller and hardware circuit in intelligent system of real estate management
  • So it is the key to realize the smart home system that how to design a high performance home gateway
  • In this paper , we construe the intelligence home system ' s frame and needing technology at first
  • It point out the intelligence home system ' s disadvantage and give a new frame of internet - based intelligence home system
  • In this condition , intelligent home network ( ihn ) becomes an important direction and a certain result of current network development
  • How to develop an efficient , low - cost smart home based on embedded technique is a hot researching topic in the world
  • This paper based on these above issues and proposed the research and development of the transportation of real time video in smart home system
  • " home automation system : the leading edge of home automation technology coupled with the broadband network , setting a new standard in tomorrow ' s living .
  • With the development of technologies such as home automation system and cryptology , our lives become more convenient , comfortable , secure and safe
  • This subject fits into the requests of current ihn ' s development , and builds the lonworks ihn and it ' s management and control system
  • This article discusses architecture of smart house / community , and describes a design of the control terminal based on embedded system technologies
  • The detailed design plan to construct webserver of the system of smart home , is presented in this paper and hardware and software design of webserver is given
  • This paper introduces a network model of the smart home with low consumption and good usability based on the wireless communication technology
  • That is how it achieves home intelligence . isolated smart house system is limited in functions , and it is not fit for the situation of our uptown , so ,
  • The first part introduces the history , the actuality and the prospect of the network . at the same time , it sets forth what " s the internet appliance ( ia )
  • Especially in recent two years , with the facilities been informative , intelligent and networking , the embeded system has been used more and more widely in some little facilities
  • For the sake of people ’ s these demands , firstly , this article puts forward a remote control system of home hold electronic appliances on the basis of the gsm short message service
  • Chapter six emphasizes on the software design of send - receive module based on x - 10 protocol . chapter seven makes an attempt to apply voice recognition to the intelligent home system
    第六章叙述了基于x - 10的收发模块的软件总体结构第七章对语音识别在智能家居系统中的应用做了探讨。 
  • The internet - based intelligence home system not only provide users to control electric which have connected to internet but also complete multimedia service function
  • Realization this system needing a lot of current new technique . by these technique we have to conquer some difficulty to get a perfect and steady intelligence home
  • This paper analyzed function of the smart house system , made a brief overview of the principle of design smart house , discussed detailedly smart house how to affect on interior design
  • In the research project " development of lonwork intelligent home network and intelligent process of information " , my main research direction is : intelligent control method of network node
    在“ lonwork智能家居网络开发与信息智能处理”研究课题中,本人主要的研究方向是:网络节点的智能控制方法。 
  • Smart house is a systemic engineering inosculates technologies of computer , networking , automation , sensors , etc ; and refer to bionomics , environments , energy sources and even more fields

智能家居 英文



智能家居 英文

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